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Jon and Jamie Reynolds
Jonathan (Class of 2000) and Jamie Knotts Reynolds (Class of 2003) are one of a number of Marymount alumni couples; they met during their time on campus, both as lacrosse players, and have since come back to coach the MU Men's and Women's Lacrosse teams. As both Marymount alumni and staff, they have a special perspective on the University.

Jon and Jamie first met during Jamie's spring basketball recruiting trip to campus when she was finishing her senior year at Blackhawk High School in Beaver Falls, PA. That fall, Jamie was taking her placement tests in a classroom in Rowley Hall when Jon walked in, pretending to be an Orientation Leader. She remembered him from her spring trip, and they started dating later in her first year.

Jon grew up in a military family; he was born in California, and his father was later stationed at the Pentagon during the first Gulf War. He attended Thomas Edison High School in Alexandria, VA, and was one of the first lacrosse players to be recruited out of his high school. He was accepted to Virginia Tech and James Madison University, but having been in military installations where the base is the center of the town, he knew he wanted to go school in a city that had more than just the university. Jon adds, "Having moved around so much as a kid, I liked the idea of staying in the area."

Both Jon and Jamie remember the fun they had on such a small campus. "Everyone knew each other, even more than they do now, and all the athletes hung out together," Jamie said. Jon had an apartment his senior year, nicknamed "Melrose Place," which was the epicenter of many of their activities. Jon added, "I did spend a lot of time on campus too, crashing in friends' dorms, because that's where all the action was." Jon also remembers how much Sr. Eymard loved the men's lacrosse team.

After graduation, Jon was the assistant coach for the MU men's lacrosse team, and an elementary school gym teacher for a year, then taught high school special education and coached high school lacrosse. Jamie had three more years at MU after Jon left; after graduation, she attended the University of Pittsburgh for two years and received her master's degree in Public Health. She was an assistant basketball coach at Carnegie Mellon University while attending Pitt.

During the few years following their graduation, the lacrosse program started to deteriorate from the success present during Jon and Jamie's years in the program. Jon said, "It was really hard to see the program go downhill, when it had been so great while we were there." Through a combination of the current coaches quitting their positions within a few months of each other, and Jamie moving to Virginia now that she and Jon were engaged, both she and Jon were hired as the lacrosse coaches at MU the same year.

Now that they've been coaching for a number of years, Jamie said, "It's like being parents to 75 18-22 year olds! Someone always has an issue, and it's hard for us to stop thinking or talking about coaching." Their busy time for recruiting is during the summer and fall, when Jamie will have 15-20 overnight visits. They're currently getting ready for their alumni games during Homecoming Weekend, and preparing for the 20th anniversary celebration for men's lacrosse in the spring of 2012.

Jon and Jamie are excited about Marymount's great potential. "We believe in Marymount and the impact it can have on a student – we've seen it first hand," Jon said. They are both participating in Marymount's visioning process, and are looking forward to the changes coming for the University.