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                        Photo Of Kritishma Shrestha
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Kritishma Shrestha
Hometown: Germantown, MD

Student Government Association President Kritishma Shrestha is ready for anything: from monitoring shuttle bus stops to working on the University’s Vision Statement with Marymount’s President Matthew Shank. Kritishma decided to run for president because she thinks, “We can grow as an organization and further help the students. As students, we can make a difference.” Kritishma learned a lot from being a class Senator and SGA’s Vice President of Financial Affairs, where she balanced budgets for clubs and recorded fees for activities on campus. SGA has opened doors for countless other opportunities. As a Business Administration major, she was particularly excited when she had the opportunity to attend a PNC Bank networking conference in DC where she got to meet bank representatives at all levels. “It is such a great time for Marymount right now. It keeps getting bigger and better; we’re headed for a great future.”