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Udit Bhatnagar
Hometown: New Delhi, India

Udit Bhatnagar always “felt an urge to teach and want to help people”. So, at Marymount, Udit is working toward getting licensed to teach elementary school through his major in Multidisciplinary Studies. Already a tutor with kids at local schools, he plans to fulfill his internship requirement by student teaching at a school in the area. “I would love to teach 2nd grade. They are continuing to learn how to read and I find that process fascinating,” Udit said. One classroom experience further fueled his desire to teach. His Psychology of Disabilities class went to a school to see students with learning disabilities. “It was so interesting to see how they teach them and what methods they use. It made me realize that I had an opportunity to help these kids, and now I’m thinking about getting a master’s in special education.”