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Daniel Vennell
Major: Psychology
Class Year: 2014
Eight months ago, I didn’t think that I would be here at Marymount University. At the time I was going through a pretty serious money crisis, a kind of crisis that leaves you wondering whether you’re going to be able to go back to college and what kind of future you can look forward to without having a college degree. After a lot of searching and hoping for some good news, I was given the Class of 1956 Scholarship and this helped me sleep a little easier at night.

I have always been very self-reliant, I knew I would have to pay for college myself and I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. Last semester showed how hard it can be when I was rejected the student loans I was given the year before on top of some very serious family hardships that had occurred over the summer. I have very little family and what family I do have could not afford to help me. Overall things looked exceptionally bleak and I thought I would never get to come back to Marymount University again. I would never get to pursue my bachelors in Psychology, I would never get to come back to my friends, and I would have never met all the people I have been lucky enough to befriend over this year. I would have to work for a few years and delay my education, which in turn, would delay my future. This would not do, and the Class of 1956 Scholarship helped me achieve my goal of coming back to Marymount University. It gave me the means to come back to what I can call my second home, a place where my education matters to my professors. A place where I’m not just a number in a large crowded classroom, I’m an individual here, with my own story.

Marymount University is where I belong, and being lucky enough to have a second chance of going to this school has helped me understand how fragile things can be. In one quick moment, everything can shatter, just as it did for me. The life you thought you had can be taken away so easily, and I am grateful for what this scholarship has given me. It’s given me a second chance, a chance to shine brightly in class and a chance to make my family proud by being the first Vennell to graduate college in a long time.

I want my benefactors to know that this was truly an exceptionally generous gift. I thank them for this gift and want to let them know that it is not being wasted. I am excelling in my classes and plan to graduate on time in 2014 with a bachelors in Psychology after which I plan to pursue a Master’s in Psychology and go into research. Besides excelling in my classes this scholarship has helped give me the free time to funnel my energy into seeing my little sister more often and spending more time with the people that I care about the most instead of stressing over additional aid. Thank you.