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Terri Orwenyo
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Terri Orwenyo is a juggler – in the classroom, on the club scene, and studying abroad.

She is an Admissions Ambassador, an Orientation Leader, a Resident Assistant, the treasurer for the Black Student Alliance, and an assistant in the Student Development office. “There are so many opportunities here at Marymount. You can get an internship, be involved in any kind of club or start an event and the faculty will help you with anything you need. In high school, I was just a member of a club, but Marymount has helped me to become more of a leader.”

Terri also hadn’t been out of the country since a trip to Kenya at age 5 and knew she wanted to study abroad. So, she was extremely excited to take a Theology class called the “Mystery of the Church,” which included a Spring Break trip to Rome. Upon arrival in the Eternal City, each student was assigned a church to research for a report covering everything from location and history to art in the chapel and theories of authority. “We also went to Mass in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican City to see the Pope bless everyone. They even announced that Marymount University students were in attendance. It was an amazing experience.” This experience has inspired Terri to look for other opportunities for overseas travel for other classes.