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Olivia Fedor
Hometown: Ashburn, VA
Upon arriving at Marymount, Olivia described herself as a quiet and reserved person. But as a Criminal Justice/Forensic Science major, she realized that her future occupation would call for strong and efficient verbal and communications skills. “To challenge myself I decided to make the effort to become a Student Ambassador,” she explains. At first, speaking in front of others was intimidating and made her nervous, but she soon overcame those feelings. “I've definitely grown in my communication skills. I'm now comfortable in my own skin to talk with almost anybody. I've conquered most of my fear of speaking in front of large groups all simply because of my first step in applying for a student leadership position.”

Olivia points out that one of the best ways she uses her newfound communications skills is to reach out to professors. "I learned right away, especially in my future field of work, that making connections and taking the time to get to know my professors is very important," she explains. “They are really there for me, to help me grow as a student and also as a young adult. Reaching out to professors is so simple, especially at Marymount. I encourage students to really get their foot in the door and take the initiative to get to know your professors or advisors. This is also one of the first steps in improving your interpersonal skills. So get out there and do it!”