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Spring New Student Orientation

Is NSO mandatory?
Yes! We require all students to attend NSO. We’ve designed the program so that you can work on your class schedule, learn more about Marymount, and meet new people.
Can members of my family attend?
There is a resource fair and family-specific component of the NSO. We ask you to include the number of family members attending on your reservation (please no more than three).
Will I meet my advisor?
You will meet with an advisor at orientation but it may not be your regular advisor. After your first semester at Marymount you will need to meet with your assigned advisor. You can find this information out by looking at your Marynet account. If you ever have questions about advising, you can visit the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) located in Rowley Hall.
When can I move into my residence hall?
New students who will be living on campus and attending orientation will be allowed to move in on Wednesday, January 7, 2015. Please contact the Office of Campus and Residential Services at (703) 284-1608 for more information about living on campus.
Will I have my class schedule before I leave?
Yes! You will meet with your advisor to discuss your class schedule during NSO. This will prepare you for the start of classes, which is Monday, January 12, 2015.

New Student Orientation 2014

First-Year Students
August 21 - 22

Transfer Students
August 20

Graduate Students
August 23

International Student Check-in
August 19 - 20


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