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Frequently Asked Questions

Print publications…
1. How do I get a brochure produced?
The Publications Division is happy to assist! This link will provide much of the information you need in order to submit your completed Job Request Form.

2. Do I have to pay for any print pieces I request?
Possibly. The Office of University Communications’ annual budget pays for specific publications. They are:
  • MUtoday, the University magazine
  • The University Catalogs
  • University undergraduate and graduate viewbooks
  • Routine newsletters, based on previous year’s quantities and frequency
  • Selected Admissions publications, based on previous year’s quantities and frequency.
Most other publications need to be paid by the department. Please let the Office of University Communications know if you have any questions about this.

3. I’m thinking of using the Marymount logo or seal. How do I get permission?
E-mail Matt Dunham. Please note: The logo and seal are used sparingly on materials. The Office of University Communications must approve all print and digital materials bearing the University seal and/or logo. The visual treatment must respect the seal/logo’s integrity; the seal/logo may not be altered or combined with other graphic elements to change its appearance.

4. How much does a print piece cost?
There are three variables that will dictate cost: quantity, complexity (number of colors, special folds, die cuts, etc.), and turnaround time. If you are on a restricted budget, please let us know when submitting your Job Request Form so we can ensure that we work within your budget.

Public relations…
5. Can I get pictures taken of an event my department is hosting?
University Communications does not have a staff member dedicated to photography. We have several staff members who take photos of events, people, and activities needed for print, Web, and public relations purposes. If you need a photo, we need at least two weeks lead time to consider your request. Please contact Laurie Callahan, (703) 284-1648, to make a request.

University Communications can also recommend freelance resources, if our office is unable to accommodate your needs.

For photography needed for academic purposes, please contact E-Learning Services, (703) 284-1536.

6. How can I submit an item for Inside MU?
As the newsletter for the faculty and staff of Marymount, Inside MU welcomes submissions about Marymount and professional activities and accomplishments that would be of interest to the University community. Click here, and your item will be sent directly to the Inside MU editor for consideration in an upcoming issue.

7. My department, students, or I are doing something that I think would be of interest to the media. How do I go about getting coverage?
Contact Laurie Callahan, (703) 284-1648, or Denise Alexander, (703) 526-6847.

8. Someone from the media called me to request information or schedule an interview. What should I do?
Before providing any information to the media, please contact Laurie Callahan, (703) 284-1648. Faculty and staff are free to speak to the media on an area of his/her expertise; however he/she is not authorized to speak on behalf of the University on matters regarding Marymount without consulting the Office of University Communications. The Office is responsible for providing accurate information about Marymount and communicating a positive image of the University to various internal and external audiences.

Special Events…
9. I’m planning an event. What do I need to do to get the word out?

Here’s a checklist for your planning purposes:
  • As soon as the date, time, and place are confirmed – post an item on the News and Events page list. Contact Matt Dunham if you need assistance in identifying the person in your department to handle this.
  • 6-8 weeks prior to the event – submit a Job Request for any related print or Web needs you may have
  • 3-4 weeks prior to the event – submit an item about it to Inside MU
  • 3 weeks prior to the event – contact Laurie Callahan, (703) 284-1648, for PR purposes
  • 2 weeks prior to the event – contact Laurie Callahan, (703) 284-1648, to discuss photography

10.I’m interested in placing an ad to promote my department or an activity. How do I go about that?

The Office of University Communications develops, and budgets for, a print and broadcast advertising plan to project a positive image of Marymount and to support the University’s enrollment goals. If your department wishes to place advertising not included in this plan and can pay for the ads out of its own budget, University Communications will be happy to handle design and placement. Contact Denise Alexander, (703) 526-6847, and be ready to give her your budget code.

Web services…
11. I need help with our department’s Web site. What do I do?

Contact Matt Dunham. You can also read about Web services provided by the Office of University Communications here.