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Marymount Sponsors Health Fair at St. Charles Borromeo

Friday, November 16, 2012

Marymount University’s Nurse-Managed Health Center, a partnership between Marymount and St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, sponsored a community-wide health fair at the church on Saturday, November 3.  Services included blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol screenings; ear, nose, and throat assessments; and general health information stations that covered education counseling on breast cancer, behavioral health, maternal health, and domestic violence.
Cindy Osnos, MSN, the Marymount faculty member in charge of the fair, explained that it was organized by students in her community health class who volunteer weekly at St. Charles as part of their clinical rotation. She said, “It’s all about health promotion and advocacy.  Marymount nursing students volunteer to help staff the fair and take responsibility for manning many of the stations including blood pressure and stroke screening, cholesterol and glucose testing, and BMI assessments. If they identify an abnormal result, they counsel the client and provide referrals for additional medical services if necessary.”
This was the experience of Susannah Wargo, CRNP, who is pursuing the Doctor of Nursing Practice at Marymount. She explains, “I volunteered last year for the Ear, Nose, and Throat station, and in one instance, I identified symptoms that were suspicious for cancer. This year, testing at the ENT booth was expanded to check for conditions such as leukoplakia, which are white patches in the mouth that, in some cases, can be a precancerous condition.”
While the Health Fair is the major fall project, Marymount’s Nurse-Managed Health Center maintains a full schedule of health services for a diverse community throughout the academic year. Student nurses assist in the St. Charles School clinic with vision/hearing testing, height/weight assessments, and also provide expanded health education programs for the staff. In addition, several of the community health class students provide faith-based nursing services, while others work with the Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network (A-SPAN), providing health services at homeless shelters.  

Photo Captions

1. Christopher Young, B.S.N.'13, measures health fair client.

2. Martin Riva has his cholesterol and glucose levels tested by Jody Witmer, B.S.N. '13.

3. Susannah Wargo, CRNP, who is pursuing the Doctor of Nursing Practice, volunteered at the ENT station.

4. Dr. Fatma Youssef and Crystal Cardenas, B.S.N.'16, explain breast cancer examination technique to Jouita Nunez.

Photo Credit: Bob Brown, University Communications Student Worker