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Saints in the Schools: Men’s Basketball Returns to Kennedy Krieger Institute

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Rockville, Md. – Marymount University’s men’s basketball team recently took time away from the hardwood to visit a local campus of the Kennedy Krieger Institute, an institution for children and adolescents with pediatric developmental disabilities. The Saints had previously visited Kennedy Krieger earlier in the fall semester.

“It was really nice going back a second time because their kids were familiar with ours and some friendships developed,” head coach Chris Rogers said. “We also exchanged information with some of the students to start a pen/email pal communication. Also, we’re planning on having members of the school to one of our remaining home games.”

Each visit began with a brief overview and orientation of the school with its students and staff. The student-athletes then split into separate classrooms where they sat in on class, interacted with students and helped them with their work.

One of the highlights of the Kennedy Krieger program is the participation of clubs on Friday afternoons, including a video game club, cooking club, art club and sports club. A group players joined each group and continued their interaction with the students

The Kennedy Krieger Institute is dedicated to helping children and adolescents with disorders of the brain, spinal cord and musculoskeletal system achieve their potential and participate as fully as possible in family, school and community life.