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Scholarship Luncheon Draws Record Crowd

Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Marymount’s 2009 Scholarship Luncheon, held in the Main House on April 1, was a great success. This annual event is an opportunity for scholarship donors to meet the students who benefit from their generosity.

Several long-standing scholarship donors were present this year, including Rose Benté Lee (the Rose Benté Lee Nursing Scholarships); Kazuko Bach (the Kazuko Barkey Scholarship); Michael and Marcia Finnerty (the Finnerty-Sullivan Health Professions Scholarship); and Maria Winters, representing the Coto family (Pablo Coto ’93 Memorial Scholarship). Also present were longtime MU faculty members Dr. Linda McMahon and Dr. Rosemary Hubbard, both of whom have had scholarships established in their honor.

Scholarship recipient Kirsten Porter ’09 says, “I received two scholarships, one in honor of Dr. Rosemary Hubbard and one presented by the Marymount Honors Program. This financial support gave me the opportunity to attend the school where I knew in my heart I would feel at home — Marymount. Throughout my education, I have felt comfortable on this campus, had opportunities to establish strong friendships, and been supported by my professors.”

Jessica Morataya ’10, recipient of a Rose Benté Lee Scholarship, is the first in her family to attend college. She was drawn to the nursing profession when her first child was born prematurely and spent two months in a neonatal intensive care unit. Jessica says, “I know that I would not have a healthy, happy seven year old today without the help of some amazing nurses. Because of them, I decided that I wanted to go to school for nursing — so that I could care for others the way my family was cared for.”

Several new scholarships were awarded for the first time this year. Former Marymount Trustee Paul Lanzillotta, who spearheaded the effort to establish The Thomas Malone Endowed Scholarship (named in honor of former Trustee Tom Malone, who died in 2005) was on hand to meet the scholarship’s first recipient. Maureen Doyle Cyron ’66, president of the Marymount Angels, chatted with the first recipient of the Angels Scholarship, which reached the endowment level last year. David and Ann Leonard Burton, Judy Molloy Klesius, and Betty Schuck Schepps were present to greet the Class of ’56 scholar. Peggy Croft met the recipient of the scholarship she created last year in memory of her son, Alexander Christian Croft. Faculty member Dr. Raja Nasr and his wife Bonnie were on hand to talk with the first recipient of the Raja Nasr Scholarship, which was established by former students in Dr. Nasr’s honor. And Tiffany Lee represented her father, Bobby Lee, whose Mister Day’s Scholarship of $10,000 annually supports a student from Arlington who works part-time while attending Marymount.