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Marymount Cosponsors Conference on Commercializing Innovation

Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Marymount University recently cosponsored the Federal Laboratory Consortium conference on Commercializing Innovation: Attracting Investors and Entrepreneurs. The day-long session focused on introducing researchers and entrepreneurs to best practices for turning ideas and research into viable business opportunities.
Dr. Diane Murphy, chair of Marymount’s Department of Information Technology and Management Science, addressed the session dealing with technology development and financial investment. Her presentation focused on the growing government funding resources available for IT and cybersecurity projects.
For the academic or technology developer looking to turn pure research into a commercial initiative, Dr. Murphy recommended investigating the following government sources of funding: Federal Business Opportunities, Grants.gov , the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the National Science Foundation. She added that government funding for cybersecurity is also now becoming available in other fields, including energy, healthcare, transportation, and education. Dr. Murphy suggested that entrepreneurs keep an eye on the websites of government agencies covering these areas, as well.
With cybersecurity of paramount importance in today’s Internet-based workplace, Dr. Murphy’s key message was that both government and commercial organizations must be committed to doing whatever it takes to maintain information assurance. The Defense Department alone will spend $3.2 billion on cybersecurity in 2012.
Dr. Murphy also counseled potential entrepreneurs that the best way to get connected is to become part of the cybersecurity community. She encouraged audience members to participate in events and stay on top of the information flow from the government, industry, and academia. Funding is available, and the federal government is actively looking for commercialization opportunities.
For more information, contact Dr. Diane Murphy at dmurphy@marymuount.edu.