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Marymount Sponsors Health Fair at St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church

Wednesday, November 02, 2011
Marymount University’s Nurse-Managed Health Center, a partnership between Marymount and St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, sponsored a community-wide health fair at the church on Saturday, October 29. Services included blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol screenings; physical therapy assessments; education sessions on CPR techniques; fingerprinting for child identification; and general health information stations, including education on breast cancer, aging resources, and domestic violence.

Cindy Osnos, M.S.N., the MU faculty member in charge of the fair, explained that the fair was organized by students in her community health class, who volunteer weekly at St. Charles as part of their clinical rotation. Nursing major Megan Olson, a senior, added, “Throughout the fall, we’ve been determining the stations, signing up volunteers, and getting the word out to the community.”
Their efforts proved successful, with most stations manned by students and faculty from Marymount’s Malek School of Health Professions in the Nursing, Health Promotion Management, and Physical Therapy programs. Additional booths were covered by officials from the Arlington Fire Department, Sheriff’s Office, and other area medical professionals.

The stations addressed general health concerns. Osnos gave an example, explaining, “If a client has an elevated blood pressure or an abnormal glucose or cholesterol level, he is directed to the health information table where the test results are interpreted and referral services are provided if necessary.”

Assessment of physical mobility was also a key component of the fair. Twenty Marymount Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) students were on hand to conduct strength and flexibility screenings, balances assessments, and basic muscular fitness evaluations. Lauren Berti, a D.P.T. candidate, noted that the fair was also an opportunity for the PT students to have more hands-on community health experience before their upcoming Clinical Practicum, a service outreach program in Costa Rica. Berti said, “The fair is giving us a forum to perform some comprehensive screenings and to practice our Spanish in advance of our trip in February 2012.”

While the Health Fair is the major fall project, Marymount’s Nurse-Managed Health Center maintains a full schedule of health services to a diverse community throughout the academic year. Each Thursday, student nurses provide parish nursing services as needed. They also assist the St. Charles School Office with mandated vision/hearing screening and provide preventive health care instruction to the pre-school and school staff. They are now conducting an Internet Safety Awareness program for the 7h grade classes. Next semester, Marymount student nurses will also provide an immunization audit to ensure that all St. Charles students are current on their vaccinations.
Photo Captions:
1.Nursing student Teresa Hadeed tests glucose and cholesterol levels on health fair client
2.Left to Right: Megan Olson, B.S.N. '11, and Chrissy Fauls with On the Scene, a Red Cross provider, monitor MU Nursing student Mandy Neilan's CPR techniques.
3.Dr. Fatma Yousssef, MU Nursing professor emerita, counsels client on breast health education.
4.Sam Corbin, an MU D.P.T. candidate, tests strength and flexibility of client while fellow D.P.T. student Kendal Martin observes his technique.