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Scholarship Luncheon Celebrates Generosity

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Marymount’s 2011 Scholarship Luncheon, held in the Main House on April 6, was a great success, with more than 60 scholarship recipients and their benefactors in attendance. This annual event gives scholarship recipients an opportunity to meet the individuals who have helped make their Marymount experience possible and thank them for their generosity.

Several long-standing scholarship donors were present this year, including Rose Benté Lee (the Rose Benté Lee Nursing Scholarships); Michael and Marcia Finnerty (the Finnerty- Sullivan Health Professions Scholarship); and Maria Winters and Gabriel Galvan, representing the Coto family (the Pablo Coto ’93 Memorial Scholarship). Also present were longtime Marymount faculty members Dr. Rosemary Hubbard, Dr. Linda McMahon, and Dr. Raja Nasr – all of whom have had scholarships established in their honor.

Students Golnaz Ziaee ’11 and Meghan Ganzaba ’11 spoke at the luncheon. Golnaz, recipient of the Class of 1956 Scholarship, is a Liberal Studies major and active student leader. She thanked the benefactors gathered at the event, saying, “I am eternally indebted to the individuals sitting in this room. You have made it possible for me and other Marymount students to have the opportunity to fulfill our dreams, and for that we are truly grateful. I only hope that we will be able to do the same in the future, and make you and the Marymount University community proud.”

Meghan, a recipient of the Rose Benté Lee Nursing Scholarship, moved to Virginia two years ago with her husband and children in an effort to make a fresh start. Due to the poor economy, she and her husband had been laid off and, eventually, lost their house. Despite the hardships that her family faced, Meghan Ganzaba didn’t give up on her goal of becoming a nurse, and Rose Benté Lee’s generous support made it possible for her to pursue and achieve her dream.

At the event Meghan said, “I could not have done it without the support I received from my benefactor and from Marymount. I would like to thank them, as would my entire family, because without them I truly would not be standing here today.”