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Math for Business Majors: Dominion Foundation Grant Funds New Curriculum

Tuesday, September 03, 2013
Marymount University has received a $13,000 grant from the Dominion Foundation to develop mathematics courses specifically for business majors, so that they will have the knowledge and skills to apply math on the job and across business disciplines.

Given the specialized math requirements of the business world, faculty in Marymount’s School of Business Administration and Department of Mathematics are working collaboratively to revise the mathematics curriculum for undergraduate business students. With the Dominion Foundation grant, they are creating two tracks by which students can achieve a higher level of mathematical competence. A new Quantitative Methods for Business course and a new Calculus sequence are in development and will be available to students in spring 2014.

Quantitative Methods for Business will cover mathematical content that is most helpful to business majors and includes real-life applications. Critical technologies, such as Excel spreadsheets, will be integrated into the coursework to enable students to explore, manipulate, and visualize data and functions.

The Calculus sequence starts with a pre-calculus review, as well as concepts and applications most critical to business students. The second course takes students into integral and trigonometric functions. Mathematically well-prepared students will still have the option of taking a higher level calculus course.

The grant also supports creation of a speaker series in the School of Business Administration that will bring business leaders to campus to talk about the quantitative and technical skills that have been essential to their career success.

Jim Ryerson, dean of the School of Business Administration, points out, “Today’s business environment is increasingly data-driven, and Marymount is committed to ensuring that students develop the knowledge and abilities necessary to help business compete in an ever-changing global economy.” He adds, The Dominion Foundation’s support of this project directly benefits the region’s effort to create a better prepared workforce for tomorrow’s jobs.”