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Remembrance Day: Celebrating Lives through Service

Thursday, May 01, 2014
Story and photos by Bob Brown '15

Every spring, Remembrance Day is a time for the Marymount community to honor those in the MU family who have died through a day of service. Organized by Marymount’s Student Government Association and Office of Community Engagement, the event was first held eight years ago after the passing of students Tara Howard and Adam Dowell in the class of 2009.
This year, the service project was with L’Arche, an Arlington interdenominational Christian community of people with intellectual disabilities. Marymount students, alumni, and staff joined with residents to undertake L’Arche’s annual spring clean up. Liz Yoder, L’Arche’s development officer, noted that Marymount students have been mentoring residents and doing activities with the L’Arche community for many years.
While sweeping, yard work, and dusting are mundane chores, on Remembrance Day they carried more significance – honoring the commitment to service exemplified by those no longer present.
Remembering Tara Howard, who died in a car accident, Meg Dalmut, Marymount associate director of the office of Community Engagement, said, “One of the things I remember most about Tara is the joy she brought to everything she did, particularly to service activities. I know that she was smiling down upon us throughout the day as all of the students, alumni, and staff served with hearts full of joy!”
Joining the students in service were Bill and Linda Howard, Tara’s parents. Bill recalled, “It was this time of year in 2005 that we visited MU for the first time.” The Howards have been regular participants in Marymount’s Remembrance Day since their daughter died. They were pleased to again honor their daughter’s life this year by assisting the L’Arche community.
Katie Guajardo, a sophomore psychology major stated, “It brought a true smile to my face to see Tara's family talk about their daughter and her memory. Volunteering for any purpose is always good, but to volunteer in memory of others, well that's special.”
– Eva Anderson ʼ16, a fashion design major, cleans a window at L’Arche.
PHOTO 2 – Doug Grasser ʼ17, an IT major, works on a compost container.
PHOTO 3 – Anusha Sunkara ʼ15, a business administration major, restocks kitchen cabinets.
PHOTO 4 – Remembrance Day volunteers assemble for a photo in front of Marymount’s Main House before setting out for L’Arche.