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Move-in Day: Marymount Welcomes the Class of 2014

Friday, August 27, 2010
While unpacking a heavily-laden car after a long drive from Weymouth, Massachusetts, Marymount freshman Mark Ellis was suddenly surrounded by new friends. Mark, who will play lacrosse for MU, got some move-in help (plus some friendly ribbing) from the upperclassmen members of the team, who were on hand to assist new arrivals with their unloading. Definitely appreciative of the heavy-lifting help, Mark said, “I’m anxious to get moved in! I love DC, and I plan to major in political science. Plus, I’m looking forward to playing lacrosse here, especially next year when Marymount’s new field by the Potomac is ready. I’m so excited to be here!”

That was the sentiment across campus on Friday, August 27, as Marymount welcomed the Class of 2014 – one of the largest incoming classes in the University’s history, with 440 deposited freshmen. In addition, a record 335 new transfer students will join the MU community this year.

Marymount Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment Management Dr. Chris Domes notes, “We are delighted to welcome these new students and their parents to campus. This is the first day of what will be a great four years as these young people take advantage of educational and social opportunities that will be the foundation for their future lives. Certainly, anticipation and excitement are in the air here today!”

Shawnice Roundtree ’12, a resident assistant, was one of over 100 returning students who helped to roll out the Marymount welcome mat for the new arrivals. She echoes Dr. Domes’ comments, saying, “This has been a great day. Move-in is always a family event; we see parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, even aunts and uncles helping.”

Shawnice continues, “I’ve been encouraging the freshmen to jump right in and take advantage of all the activities that are available. It’s important to get involved at college, and Marymount makes that easy to do.”

Shannon Nuth ’13, another resident assistant, adds, “You can tell that the freshmen are really excited to be here. They’re ready to start a new chapter!”

That new chapter began at the end of move-in day, when the freshmen and their family members joined Marymount’s faculty and administration at the University’s annual Freshman Convocation. President James E. Bundschuh offered words of welcome and advice, saying, “Use your time at Marymount to best advantage. Explore your options. Try some different things on for size and find out what it is that you love to do. Seize every opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills. These four years will position you for a lifetime of success!”

The convocation was followed by a reception where the new students and their parents said their good-byes. With parents heading home, the Class of 2014 looked forward to a weekend of meeting new friends, settling into dorm life, and making Marymount their new home away from home.
1 - Marymount freshman Mark Ellis (right) from Weymouth, MA, gets some move-in help from MU lacrosse team members Drew Phillips (center) of Salisbury, MD, and Parker Hamel, of Fairfax, VA. Mark plans to major in Political Science and play lacrosse.

2 - Father Jack Peterson, Marymount assistant chaplain, greets freshman Connor Kellogg from Littleton, CO. Connor plans to major in Business Administration,

3 - Freshmen Kathryn Cross (left), a Nursing major from Fairfax, VA, visits Shannon Bisselink, a Communication major from Charlottesville, VA, in her newly set up dorm room to catch up on each other’s news. They met earlier in the summer at Orientation.

4 - Marymount freshman Chris Laviena, from Chambersburg, PA, leads the way as parents Angel and Evelyn follow with the comforts of home! Chris plans to major in Criminal Justice.

5 - Freshman Briana Nobles, a Business Administration major from Dumfries, VA, moves into Rowley Hall.