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Saints Being Saints

Friday, December 17, 2010
Your Alumni Association is pleased to announce its newest initiative, SAINTS BEING SAINTS.

This Alumni – Student Mentoring Program, sponsored by the Career & Internship Center and the Office of Alumni Relations, provides students with an opportunity to establish a connection with alumni in their chosen field. The program allows students to contact alumni who are willing to share their professional expertise and advice on making the most of the college experience. Students participating in this program gain insight and understanding from an insider's perspective through one-on-one interaction with mentors, special networking receptions, job shadowing, and company visits. All students will be required to go through a brief training session on networking prior to contacting an alumnus.

Here’s how it works:

Register online here if you are interested in lending expertise and advice to current students.

Your information will then be submitted to the Career and Internship Center where a SAINTS BEING SAINTS account will be created. You will be emailed a password to your account and from then on, students will be able to view your profile information and contact you via email. And to ensure no one is overwhelmed, you are able to control the number of contacts per month. Please note all the fields are required to fill your profile for students to view, but only your email address will be available as contact information.

Many alumni have expressed interest in connecting with current students to help them as they venture into the world of internships and job searching.

SAINTS BEING SAINTS’ goals are to have alumni:

* Act as positive role models and share insight into their undergraduate experiences and career paths as adults.
* Offer career guidance and general professional advice.
* Introduce students to the larger Marymount alumni community.
* Introduce the idea of building long-term relationships and doing networking and the opportunity to practice and refine those skills.
* Provide insight into different career areas for students (encouraging career exploration).
* Inspire students to pursue new fields of interest or confirm current fields of interest.
* Motivate students to work toward long-term goals (through internships, part-time employment, other networking forums, full-time employment and graduate school).
* Provide information on how to research specific employers or companies.

Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 703-284-1541 or alumni@marymount.edu.