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December 2009 - Issue 71

Green by Design: Interior Design Alumni Focus on Sustainability
CharityWorks is a volunteer-led philanthropic organization that has provided more than $11 million in grants to support nonprofits and community initiatives over the past decade. With the GreenHouse project, the organization’s goal was to demonstrate that luxurious living and green design are fully compatible concepts, while generating revenue to benefit local charities.
An Unfinished Universe
With the publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species in 1859, the worlds of science and religion were rocked to their foundations.  Darwin’s belief-shattering conclusions challenged the Biblical version of the creation of the universe and indeed questioned the very existence of a divine providence.
Planning for a Future of Excellence and Distinction
In December 2002, Marymount’s Board of Trustees endorsed a strategic plan for the University, entitled A Future of Excellence and Distinction. The plan set out an ambitious vision for the future and outlined seven critical success factors – areas in which the Marymount community committed to focus its energies and resources in order to realize that vision.
Beyond the Rhetoric of Health Care Reform: A Conversation with Professor Donald Lavanty
Despite all the polemics, few Americans fully understand the issue of health care reform, and Congressional horse trading and a byzantine legislative process have muddied the waters even more. Marymount Professor of Business Donald Lavanty, J.D., an expert on health care policy, recently sat down for a Q-and-A to help clarify the issues and the potential impact of a new law.
Discover 101: The “Hook ’em and Reel ’em in Method” Teaches Freshmen To Ask, Explore, Discover
It could be called “the stealth method of teaching.” Or “the hook ’em and reel ’em in approach.” But in academic circles it’s called “inquiry learning” – an innovative approach to making students active participants in their own education.