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IT for Students

IT Support Services is your first stop for information about the technology resources available to you as a student. As you browse our site you will find information about email, Blackboard, technology services available in the residence halls, and more. If you have any questions, please call the IT Support Line at (703) 526-6990 or email its@marymount.edu.
UPDATE: Resident Student Internet Access in the Dorms
In order to access the Internet from your dorm room, you will now need to enter in your MU ID and Password when you first attach to the Internet.
Wireless Access Made Easier:
You no longer need to download the VPN client to access the Wireless network. Simply launch the browser of your choice in any MU wireless hotspot and login using your MU ID and Password.
New to Marymount? Follow these steps to get up and running:
  1. Activate your student account at the Student Account Generator. You must do this before anything else will work. If it tells you there's a hold on your account, please contact the Registrar.
  2. Now you can log into My Marymount, which is the portal for e-mail, calendar, and Blackboard access.
  3. If you're a resident student, go to the Resnet page to download and install Symantec Antivirus for Mac or PC, and Spyware protection for PC. You are required to have these installed.
  4. If you have a wireless capable laptop, connect to the network called "muwireless", open your browser, then use your MU ID and password to log in. Wireless access is available in dorm rooms and most buildings on campus.
If you ever have trouble logging in, try resetting your password by clicking "Forgot Your Password?" on My Marymount.
What computer resources are offered to students?
Please visit Marymount University's Computer Services Orientation.
How do you access a course on Blackboard?
Blackboard, MU's Course Management System, has been upgraded to a new version and is now available only through the portal. For more information on using Blackboard as a student, please click here.
Need to activate your MyMU account?
Please visit the Student Account Generator web page.
Forgot your e-mail password?
Please visit the Student password change web page.
Want to know more about the computer labs in St. Joseph and at Ballston Center?
You can find out more, including hours of operation, here.
Before You Buy
All Marymount University students should consult with their school before making a computer purchase so any school-specific requirements can be accommodated.
Then, students should use the following links to obtain the necessary information before purchasing a new computer:
If you have any questions, please contact the IT Services at (703) 526-6990, or e-mail its@marymount.edu.

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