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IT for Faculty/Staff

The IT Support Services is your first stop for information about the technology resources available to you as a faculty or staff member. As you browse our site you will find information about accounts, the IT Support Services Line, technology purchases and more. If you have any questions, please call IT Support Services at ext. 6990 or e-mail its@marymount.edu.
The IT Support Services Line is available from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, throughout the academic year.
How to contact IT Support Services:
Telephone: (703) 526-6990
Fax: (703) 526-6903
Email: its@marymount.edu
Online Forms: ITS Request Forms
New! E-Learning Classroom Tutorial Videos:
Click here to view our new online videos explaining the use of electronic equipment in the E-Learning Classrooms.
Note: If you are having troubles running the videos click here to download a free updated version of Quicktime
What accounts do I need?
MyMU Account
The MyMU account, also called "single sign-on" is the basic account that controls access to MU systems, myMU Apps, Blackboard, Marynet, and MUWeb.
  • myMU Apps: myMU Apps is a new innovative way for accessing myMUMail, keeping track of schedules on a myMUCalendar, using myMUDocs to create documents and presentations, and myMUSites for creating websites.
  • Blackboard: It is the Learning Management System used by Marymount University for online courses, support of classroom-based courses, and support for faculty and staff committees and student organizations.
  • MUWeb: It is a web-enabled system that allows you to publish your web site.
  • Marynet: (WebAdvisor) is a web-based interface to Colleague allowing students, faculty and staff to view and modify information in the database. Marynet consists of
    • A main menu (homepage)
    • Submenus: one each for applicants, students, faculty, and employees
    • Links to access information
    • Help for the web pages
Generate your MyMU account here.
Access the MU portal here.
If you need to change your MyMU account password, click here.
Active Directory Account (Network Access):

In order to access your personal network drive, or to access your departments shared network drive, you must have an Active Directory account setup. In order to obtain this account you must first create your portal account (see above). After setting up you Active Directory account, have your dean or department head e-mail its@marymount.edu with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Name of shared drive
Administrative Systems Account
Administrative Systems, also known as Colleague, is the main administrative computer for the University. If you are expected to maintain or view data on this system, your supervisor will assign you rights to the appropriate modules. Note that in order to receive this account, your supervisor must fill in the box titled "FOR ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEMS ACCESS ONLY" on the request form.
To request Colleague access, download the Administrative System Access Request form (pdf) and fax it to (703) 526-6915.
To change the type of access to your Administrative Systems Account (Colleague), please contact Patricia Moore, Administrative Information Services, (703) 284-3802.
Wireless Access Made Easier:
You no longer need to download the VPN client to access the Wireless network.  Simply launch the browser of your choice in any MU wireless hotspot and login using your MU Portal ID and Password.
Telephone support services:
Requests for Telephone Services can now be placed through IT Support Services (x6990). For more information and to access the request form please visit Telephone Services web page.
Strategic Plan:
The Marymount University's Information Technology Strategic Plan has been approved. The highlights, the full Strategic Plan for 2006-2009 and reference material that supported the planning effort are available at here.
Faculty/Staff employee purchases:
Do you need to buy hardware or software for your home? As a member of the Marymount University community you can take advantage of a computer purchasing program through Dell's Marymount University Premier Page.
Due to the type of Microsoft licenses Marymount University has purchased, faculty and staff are eligible to purchase and use the software for school-related purposes at home. For more information about this program, visit the Software Discounts page.
If you do not know what kind of computer you need, or you would like information about purchasing a computer for office or home use, purchasing software, ordering procedures, please contact:
Iris Davis
Tel: (703) 526-6990
Fax: (703) 526-6903
E-mail: iris.davis@marymount.edu
Especially for Faculty Members
Marymount University offers many information technology services (ITS) for faculty members. As you browse our site you will find information specific to faculty, for example: account information, Blackboard, Instruction and Technology facilities and more. If you have any questions, please call the IT Support Line at ext. 6990 or e-mail its@marymount.edu.
Please remember that not all students have used Blackboard before. Try to post as much information as possible. For example, if you expect the students to use the Discussion Board, post an announcement or tell the students that the Discussion Board is located in the Communication area of the course.

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