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What's New In Version 9.1?
1. New drag and drop interface (View Video)
2. Blogs and Journals (View Blog Video or View Journals Video)
3. Group Assignments (View Video)
Top Quickstart Guides and Videos
1. Editing the Course Menu (QuickStart Guide and Video).
2. Adding Course Content (QuickStart Guide and Video).
3. Creating a Course Link (QuickStart Guide and Video).
4. Creating a Discussion Board Forum (QuickStart Guide and Video).
5. Exporting/Archiving a Course (Video).
View all QuickStart Guides and Videos.
Top FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
1. How do I log into Blackboard 9.1?
2. I'm a new faculty member, when will I have access to my Blackboard account?
In order to receive Blackboard access, you must first complete the following steps:
  • Activate your student account at the Account Generator. You must do this before anything else will work.
  • Now you can log into My Marymount, which is the portal for e-mail, calendar, and Blackboard access.
  • Your Blackboard account is NOT immediately activated after generating your student account. After generating your student account it can take up to 24 hours for your Blackboard acccount to become active.
  • If you are unable to access your Blackboard account within 24 hours of creating your student account, contact the IT Support.
5. When will my Fall 2011 courses be available?
As an instructor, you have the ability to decide when to make your Blackboard course available to students. To make your course available select Control Panel > Properties > Make Course Available.
Courses will be available to instructors 3-4 prior to the start of a new semester. Instructors should contact ITS to verify exact availability dates, as they may vary from semester to semester.
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