In Memoriam - Rhett Leverett

Sacha Kinser
RIP Professor Leverett. Thanks for your smiles and for teaching so many to be as positive as you!

Andrew Stallings
I have lost one of the biggest influences in my academic career.... So weird to think I was on campus sitting in his office a few days ago sharing stories and laughing. I had no intentions of visiting him that day but ended up in his office for over an hour talking and he could not stop telling me how impressed and proud he was of what I have accomplished. Today I give all of that success to him. …Thank you for pushing me, making me laugh, and inspiring me, Rhett Leverett. You are the reason I was able to walk across that stage and grab a diploma in 2010. RIP

Christina Carrica-Haley
While I never actually had your class at MU, I found myself in your classroom more often than some of those listed on my transcripts - you clearly were doing something right. A very sad day indeed for the Marymount Community. RIP Prof Leverett

Stephanie Serven
Very sad to learn of MU professor Rhett Leverett's passing today. I think it's safe to say that he was the most requested instructor at the University - I can think of few others whom students would ask to take classes with when I advised there. He was an unforgettable person who touched so many lives and will be sorely missed.

Tracey Florence
Sending peace out to my Marymount community as they mourn the only man who could lecture to a room of 100 sleep deprived and stressed out incoming college students, and make them like it. And sign up for evening history classes. Love to Rhett.

Samantha Wilds Keyes
RIP to the best history teacher I ever had. I learned history from a whole new perspective and he brought it to life. You will be greatly missed by all of MU and every student and person you have ever come in contact with. May you meet all of your historical idols!

Jordana Taylor
Rhett Leverett--you were my most important professor who taught me my most important classes. In the 10 years that I had the privilege of knowing Professor Rhett Leverett, I learned more gossip than I wanted to. I learned more about the Nazi party, Elizabeth, and Victoria than my brain could hold. What I learned the most, however, was in the last four weeks--teaching with him, going over best practices after class and grading, and best of all, learning how to captivate and engage students the way he did in the classroom.

Kate Bell
Mourning the loss but celebrating the life of Professor Leverett. You will be dearly missed in the Marymount community.

Jarrett Kealey
RIP to a teacher, a mentor, and most importantly a great friend! As I sit hear typing this, I am looking at the Eiffel tower paper weight you brought me back from France and can hear your distinctive laugh as clear as day. …The world lost a great man today! RIP Rhett, you were truly one of a kind!

Alex Bekampis
Professor Leverett you will be truly missed! You were by far one of my favorite professors at MU. All of the memories I made, all of the information I learned in your classes, and all of the home swim meets you came to, I will never forget. Thank you for everything you did!

Kareem Nizar
Talk about living passionately. I adored him; he was always kind to those who had the slightest interest to learn. RIP Professor Leverett

Rosemarie Munson
I took four evening classes with him and I looked forward to each one. It was like listening to a story with a great story teller. I will miss seeing him walking Beth around. RIP Rhett Leverett

Angie Tinsman
I cried ...such an amazing man. I took at least three classes with him that I didn't even need solely because he was teaching them. When I applied to law school, he told me that I would be wonderful at it, and wrote me several recommendations. I'll never forget him showing up to all our home swim meets. Such a sweet man, and I never met anyone at Marymount so personally invested in the well being, education, and success of his students. ♥