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Global Scholars Program

Program Requirements

In addition to maintaining a 3.0 GPA, Global Scholars must complete the following four distinct globally-themed components:


Global Scholars must complete the following courses:

  • DISCOVER 101 section with a global theme (3 credits)
  • Three upper-level courses (9 credits) that meet Marymount University’s Global Perspective designation.
  • Four 1-credit colloquium courses (4 credits)
  • GSP 102 Local to Global
  • GSP 201 Global Leadership
  • GSP 301 Reading the World
  • GSP 302 Exploring Global Careers

Language Proficiency

Global Scholars must show a level of skill in a nonnative modern language equivalent to successful completion of a second-semester, college-level language course. Students can meet this requirement in one of the following ways:

  • Complete 6 credits of college-level foreign language coursework at the elementary level, which may include courses combining language and culture; or complete 3 credits of college-level foreign language coursework at the intermediate level. AP, IB, and CLEP equivalencies are accepted.
  • Receive a waiver from the Global Scholars Program director. Waivers will be granted when a student can demonstrate knowledge of a language equivalent to two semesters of college-level work, typically in a proctored exam.

Inquiry-Guided Research (3 Credits)

Global scholars select an area of global inquiry for their research project from a list of potential inquiry areas. The list is based on projects underway by participating faculty sponsors or community organizations interested in working with student researchers. Each global scholar will be matched with a sponsor, based on the scholar’s inquiry request.

Global Learning Experiences

Global Scholars are required to enhance their global learning through participation in at least two of the following global learning opportunities:

  • Internship: an internship abroad or one with a global focus on or off campus
  • Study Abroad: short-term, semester-long, or summer program
  • Service Learning/Volunteer Project: a project overseas or a local project with a global focus