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Academic Matters

Students can elect to study abroad at any point during their academic career at Marymount with the exception of the final semester before they graduate. With a wide variety of programs and courses available, students have the ability to take liberal arts core, major-related, and/or elective credits abroad.  
As students develop their academic and career goals, it is important that they clearly articulate their intention to study abroad to relevant faculty and staff during academic advising and career counseling appointments.  By doing so, students will be in the best position to ensure that their international experience will engage their career interests, while also fulfilling the requirements of their degree program.
With the exception of Marymount Faculty-led programs, students must receive pre-approval from their academic advisor or dean’s office for any type of course they intend to take while abroad. To complete this process most effectively, it is important that students discuss the following with their academic advisor in advance of selecting a program: (a) when they plan to go abroad and (b) what type of credit they will need to take while abroad in order to stay on track for graduation. 

Once students have chosen a study abroad program that meets their academic, personal and financial needs, they will need to sit down with their academic advisor to select the specific courses that they will register for through their program. Students should confer with their host university or study abroad program provider for a list of possible courses, course descriptions, and course syllabi prior to setting up this meeting with their academic advisor so that the process of determining Marymount course equivalencies will be most efficient.  

During this course pre-approval meeting, it is highly recommended that students ask their academic advisors to provide pre-approval for a few additional “back-up” courses in case it happens that a student is unable to register for a specific class.  This way, if a student is unable to get in to their first choice course, they still know that registering for their “back-up” course will provide them with the same equivalent credit upon their return to Marymount.

ALL final course selections (including “back-ups”) and their Marymount equivalencies should be listed on this Study Abroad Course Approval Form.  Once this form is signed by the student and the appropriate faculty member/dean, it should be turned in to the CGE so that it can be added to the student's file.
With the exception of the course credit provided through Global Classroom Series Programs, the MU Short-term Summer Programs, and MU Graduate Programs, all students will receive TRANSFER CREDIT for the courses they successfully complete while abroad.  
Transfer credit does not factor into your Marymount GPA, nor will the titles of the individual courses you took while abroad be listed on your official Marymount transcript once you return.  Upon receiving the official transcript from your host institution, the Marymount registrar will input the Marymount course equivalencies that were decided upon by your academic advisor/dean prior to your departure on to your transcript. Even though the grade obtained for the course while abroad will not factor into your Marymount GPA, the credit will count towards the overall number of credits required for your graduation. NOTE: If you are a transfer student, there are policies about how much transfer credit you can bring back to Marymount, so please check with your academic advisor to learn the guidelines.
Students should know that there is no single typical timeline for your credit to be posted to your Marymount University transcript. The amount of time it will take varies widely based on country and by program. It could be several weeks to a few months after your return before your grades are posted. If you plan to graduate within one semester of completing your study abroad, inform the Center for Global Education, and your academic advisor so that the processing of credit can be expedited.
To receive credit for the courses you successfully completed while abroad, Marymount will need an official transcript from your host institution or program provider displaying coursework, grades and credit amounts. (This does not apply if you studied through a Marymount faculty-led program) If your host program asks you to fill out a form to request an official transcript or is unsure of where to send the transcript upon completion of your program, the address is: 

Attn: Victor Betancourt
Center for Global Education, Rowley Hall 1004 
Marymount University
2807 N. Glebe Road
Arlington, VA 22207