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Forward Together Steering Committee
A Steering Committee has been appointed to guide Marymount’s visioning process. The committee includes undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
Members of this committee will attend the group discussion sessions, as listeners. In addition, the committee will review all comments submitted online. When the Marymount community’s input has been gathered, this group will meet to discuss the ideas generated by the visioning process and distill the most important and pervasive ones into a draft Vision Statement.

Steering Committee Membership

Student Representatives
Mike Bekampis
Vinay Dhanaraj
Kate Frantz
Colleen Gillespie
Ryan Hammond
Regina Spatarella
Kristin Test
Ryan Hammond

Faculty Representatives
Dr. Skye Donovan
Dr. Meg Konkel
Donald Lavanty
Dr. Stacy Lopresti-Goodman
Dr. Michael Nordvall
Mason Yang

Staff Representatives
Peggy Axelrod
Victor Betancourt-Santiago
Laurie Callahan
Mike Canfield
Bernadette Costello
Margaret Dalmut
Lauren Kiesling
Frank Rizzo
Debbie Warren

Alumni Representatives
James Carbo
Amy Hibbits
Garrett Hurd
Chris McDermott
Victor Washington