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Forward Together

Please give the following questions some thought as you prepare to participate in the visioning process.

  • How would you characterize Marymount University’s current competitive advantage; that is, what attributes distinguish us from other institutions in the region, the state, and the nation? What should our competitive advantage or distinguishing characteristic(s) be, moving forward?
  • What does every Marymount student need to know to succeed in today’s rapidly changing environment? What should be the hallmarks of our undergraduate core curriculum?
  • Looking ahead 10 years, describe the ideal student population for Marymount: size of the student body; undergraduate/graduate profile; diversity; academic profile; etc. If Marymount aspired to be a “preeminent” or “world-class” university, what would this mean to you? What would it take for Marymount to become preeminent?
  • What role should Marymount play in the national capital region? How can we bring the region to our campus?
  • What are Marymount’s core values? What does Marymount’s Catholic identity mean to you? How can we strengthen our University’s Catholic identity while ensuring that Marymount is a welcoming place for students of all religious backgrounds?
  • What one thing would you change to make Marymount University a better place?