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Assistantships & Employment

Graduate assistantships and campus employment are available to eligible graduate students wishing to offset the cost of their education.

Graduate assistantships (GA) provide tuition waiver for up to 9 graduate credits in exchange for service to the University. Full-time graduate students (9 graduate credits) preferred; Part-time students must be taking at least 6 graduate credits. There are three categories of GA: full time GA waives 9 graduate credits in exchange for 20 hrs work weekly; 2/3 GA waives 6 graduate credits in exchange for 14 hours work weekly; 1/3 GA waives 3 credits in exchange for 7 hours work weekly. Marymount University is an AA/EEO employer. The University has approximately 80 GA positions. A list of GA positions for each school can be obtained from Graduate Admissions. Students apply for a GA position through the Marymount Jobs site. Graduate admissions can help identify when each position will be posted.

Campus Employment is available to full-time students. The University pays these students from its own resources. Students apply for jobs through the Student Employment Office.