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Faculty & Staff


Permit Placement Instructions
Only one hang tag permit will be issued per faculty/staff member. This permit may be moved and used in other vehicles driven by the employee to whom it was issued. However, permits are not transferable between employees or between employees and students.

Parking Area Assignments
There are different categories of parking permits with corresponding parking areas. Please refer to the employee parking rules and regulations for details about your assigned area.

Parking Spaces Reserved for Special Purposes
  • three spaces reserved for Admissions Visitors in front of Admissions
  • one space beside Admissions Visitors and marked “Reserved”
  • spaces marked “Administration” in front of the Administration Offices in Butler Hall
  • the entire row in front of The Lodge
  • all spaces marked “Handicapped” unless bearing a handicapped pass
  • area marked “No Parking” by yellow lines
  • side streets near the Main Campus
  • spaces marked “Visitor Reserved”