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The Catholic Tradition

Marymount is a Catholic university founded by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary (RSHM). While the University has evolved in many ways through the years, it remains firmly committed to its Catholic mission and identity. Marymount provides a values-based education that promotes both intellectual and spiritual development. All undergraduates take religious studies, theology, and philosophy courses as part of their core curriculum.

Through liturgy, faith discussion groups, spiritual retreats, a strong music ministry, and a wide range of service opportunities, Campus Ministry encourages individuals to examine and deepen their faith and to live ethically responsible lives. And Marymount students are known for their commitment to making a positive difference by serving others. To encourage a spirit of openness and respect, all Campus Ministry activities and programs are open to everyone in the Marymount community, regardless of one’s faith tradition and beliefs.

Catholic colleges have a long tradition of welcoming people of all backgrounds and faiths, and Marymount is no exception – providing a hospitable, diverse community where dialogue and friendship promote understanding. At Marymount, each individual is recognized as a unique child of God whose contributions enrich the whole community.

Student Spotlight

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                      Photo Of Noah McGrath
Noah McGrath
Major: Criminal Justice, Politics minor
Class of 2013

As a Criminal Justice major and a Politics minor, Noah has placed himself in one of the best locations to gain experience in his fields of study and capitalize on his education with great nearby career and internship possibilities.