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Reunite, Connect, Celebrate!

Thank you to all the members of the Marymount community who came back to celebrate Homecoming and Reunion 2014! 

Photo Gallery
Photos from the weekend are now posted on Marymount's Flickr.
#MarymountHC Photo Challenge
The winners of the #MarymountHC Photo Challenge are...
Student Winner: @Mckayjr7
Alumni Winner: @Jocelyn Garay
Faculty/Staff Winner:@Edwin Hernandez
Open Class Winner: Marymount University Undergraduate Admissions (lead by Scott Fuller)
Congratulations! Thank you to all who entered your photos - it was a great competition with many great photos. Thank you for sharing your September with us! You can see the recap with all the photo entries on Storify.
There's still time to make a gift to your Reunion Fund
Commemorate your milestone year with a gift to your Reunion Fund by the end of 2014, and benefit future generations of Marymount students! Learn more and give online here.
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Student Spotlight

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                      Photo Of Noah McGrath
Noah McGrath
Major: Criminal Justice, Politics minor
Class of 2013

As a Criminal Justice major and a Politics minor, Noah has placed himself in one of the best locations to gain experience in his fields of study and capitalize on his education with great nearby career and internship possibilities.