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All Affinity Networks Will:

  • Have leadership. This can be one person, or a small group of people. The leaders can be located anywhere in the United States and at least one leader must agree to list their email address on the Marymount Alumni Web site.
  • Maintain consistent communication with interested alumni* about pertinent affinity-related issues happening on campus and with network members.
  • Host a minimum of one event per year.
  • Maintain regular communication with an Alumni Office staff member (the Network Liaison)
  • With guidance from the Network Liaison, maintain communication with someone on campus (a dean, coach, professor, etc) to learn how the affinity group can get involved with and assist current students. Establish a fundraising initiative/goal (scholarship, designated annual fund contributions, etc).
  • Provide content for their network’s page on the Marymount Alumni portion of the Web site (photos, text, etc).
  • Keep the Network Liaison in the Alumni Office informed on all fronts.
*The Alumni Office will assist in setting up a network listserv for communication purposes.
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