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Phone Calls to Admitted and Enrolled Students at Marymount

With so many choices, high school seniors can have a tough time making their college decision. Help make it easier for them to attend the school you love by calling to let them know alumni care about our students. Calling will take place in the summer months (typically late July) on Marymount's campus, and will be used to reach out to those students who are admitted and enrolled to attend Marymount in the fall. A show of support goes a long way. You’ll be given a list of students to call whose interests or demographics mirror yours – from hometowns and high schools to the major they are contemplating. We hope that by connecting incoming students with alumni, they will feel like a valued member of our family. A short training will be done prior to the calling, and can be done online or over the phone.
To get involved, please fill out the questionnaire.