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Letters to Admitted & Enrolled Students

Help welcome admitted & enrolled high school seniors to the Marymount community! The Admissions office will develop letters from you and others throughout the year to mail out in the spring to students who are set to attend Marymount in the fall. Letters will be chosen to send by matching the incoming students’ interests with those of an alumnus. This can be done from anywhere, and is a great way to get involved if you are not located in the greater DC area. 
Your information from the questionnaire will be used to write a draft, which will be sent to you for approval. This letter will be put on Office of Alumni Relations letterhead (or can be put on your company letterhead) and you will be notified when and to whom your letter is sent. (Please note that your email address will be included in the letter to the incoming student, as we will give them the option to contact their letter author with questions.