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Argentina’s attractions – stunning natural wonders, an elegant capital with European-style sophistication, and a passionate culture – are especially enticing for students wanting to discover South America. Keep in mind – this is the southern hemisphere, so their academic year runs from February to November; our winter is their summer, and vice versa!

Founded in 1536, Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, is often referred to as the Paris of Latin America. Within this immense, yet surprisingly navigable Latin American metropolis, elegant 19th-century buildings and café life offer glimpses of Europe and the Middle East. A vibrant port city, Buenos Aires is also the world’s leading Spanish language publishing center. With a population of 13 million, Buenos Aires offers its visitors the chance to experience the perpetual cultural intrigue that can only be found in a city of this size and prestige.

A majority of programs offered in Latin America require two to four university-level Spanish language classes. In addition, students are expected to take at least one 3-credit language course, if English is not the first language of the country they are visiting.

Marymount University students can participate in the following programs in Argentina:

Programs with a mix of English/Spanish classes
CEA – Buenos Aires Latin American Studies