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Entrepreneurship in the Global Economy

March 1-9, 2013
Ljubljana, Slovenia
This is a Global Classroom series class, a semester-long course taught at Marymount that includes an international field experience during Spring Break as a component of the class.

Have you thought of owning your own business?  Then you are an ENTREPRENEUR!  To start a business in today’s global marketplace, it is essential to understand how to operate in an international setting.  No better place can offer a peek into global entrepreneurship than Slovenia. Business start-up costs in Slovenia are the lowest in the world and the country was ranked in the top quarter on the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index.  Slovenia is a small country bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, and the Adriatic Sea and has been dubbed "The Sunny Side of the Alps" because of its sunny beaches and snow-capped mountains. The capital city of Ljubljana is home to Gothic churches, baroque palaces, and art nouveau civic buildings. Lonely Planet ranked Slovenia its #1 Eastern European Getaway as it has become Europe’s playground.  

In this course we will visit small businesses such as wineries, ski resorts, furniture manufacturers, and fashion designers.  We will also collaborate with the globally ranked GEA College of Entrepreneurship and hear from some of their successful alumni who have started their own businesses such as video game Prison Break developer Zootfly.
Course Offering
MGT 315 Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
Prerequisite: EN 102
This multidisciplinary course helps students learn the basic business, strategy, and leadership skills needed to launch and manage new ventures. Topics include learning how to assess the feasibility of a new venture, as well as how to apply best practices for planning, launching, and managing new companies. Students discuss a wide range of issues of importance and concern to entrepreneurs and learn models and "rules of thumb" that help them navigate uncertainty. The opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship are explored, as is the ability to use entrepreneurial skill sets in corporate environments.
Important Dates
January - February Class meetings at Marymount
March 1
March 2-9
Class meetings in Ljubljana
Company visits, cultural activities
March 10
Return to Washington, DC
March - May Class meetings at Marymount

Program Cost: $750

The program cost includes
  • round trip airfare
  • double or triple occupancy accommodations
  • ground transportation
  • daily breakfast
MU reserves the right to make any necessary changes, including adjustments in the program cost, in the event that unforeseen circumstances arise. Financial aid may apply. For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. You are responsible for making all timely payments to Marymount University.

Application Deadline: October 12, 2012
Application Procedure
The Center for Global Education will register students for this course after the student has successfully submitted the online study abroad application. Full-time students do not need to pay additional tuition for this course provided they are registered for no more than 18 credits during the spring semester, including this course. Full-time students enrolled for more than 18 credits are subject to over-enrollment fees.