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Early Christianity: The History of the Church I

May 13-27, 2013
Greece and Turkey

This is a Global Classroom series class, a semester-long course taught at Marymount that includes an international field experience at the end of the spring semester, May 13-27, as a component of the class.

Course offering
TRS 380 The History of the Early Church (This course fulfills the Liberal Arts Core requirement of an Advanced Theology and Religious Studies course - TRS-2.) Prerequisite for students enrolled in the new core: TRS 100.

Faculty: Dr. Jacquelyn Porter and Dr. Brian Doyle

This class engages students to study Christianity’s beginnings while growing in awareness of its universalism and diversity. It joins reading of ancient texts with vigorous exploration of their original settings.

Travel through the Christian sites of Greece and Turkey is an eye-opening experience that raises questions about the relation of past and present, unity and diversity, Christianity, and other religions.

  • Visit active archeological sites that show the Greek and Roman influence on the cities of the Roman Empire.
  • See firsthand the diversity and expanse of the cities in which early Christianity began.
  • Follow in the steps of Paul who began much of his early preaching in what is now Turkey.
  • Climb the site in which John is said to have written the book of Revelation and then see firsthand excavations of the seven churches John addresses.
  • Observe the beauty of the Aegean, Turkish seas and spas, sites of mysticism and enchantment such as Cappadocia.
  • Experience the dynamism of Istanbul and traces of Byzantium.
Program Cost: $2,050

The program cost includes

  • round-trip airfare
  • double or triple occupancy accommodations
  • ground transportation and entrance fees to all required site visits
MU reserves the right to make any necessary changes, including adjustments in the program cost, in the event that unforeseen circumstances arise. Financial aid may apply. For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. You are responsible for making all timely payments to Marymount University.

Application Deadline: November 30, 2012

Application Procedure
The Center for Global Education will register students for this course after the student has successfully submitted the online study abroad application. Full-time students do not need to pay additional tuition for this course provided they are registered for no more than 18 credits during the spring semester, including this course. Full-time students enrolled for more than 18 credits are subject to over-enrollment fees.

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