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Study Abroad - Opening minds to a world of opportunity

Getting Started

Studying abroad offers academic, experiential, and cultural exposure to complement your studies at Marymount. Like any significant undertaking, study abroad requires attention and preparation several months prior to the international experience.

The Center for Global Education provides advising and administrative assistance to students throughout the study abroad process and encourages students to begin considering and planning for study abroad in their first year at MU.

This outline provides an overview of steps required to study abroad in the junior year. Students planning to study abroad during their sophomore or senior year, or during the summer, should adjust the planning process accordingly.

Freshman Year
  • Identify your study abroad goals. Why do you want to study abroad? What do you want to accomplish in light of your personal, cultural, academic, and professional goals? Use these links to help answer those questions:
  • Discuss study abroad with your academic advisor. Plan your studies at MU to allow for a semester/year away from campus.
  • Consider coursework related to your study abroad goals. Start or continue a foreign language.
  • Research study abroad options and programs available to MU students. The Resource Room at the Center for Global Education in Ballston Room 209 is the place to start. Or learn about study abroad programs here. 
  • Apply for or renew your passport.
Sophomore Year
  • Continue your research for study abroad. Visit the Center for Global Education; speak with professors, study abroad alumni, and international students.
  • Attend a General Information Session or the Study Abroad Fair – contact the Center for Global Education.
  • Select one or two programs that best meet your academic and personal goals.
  • Discuss your study abroad plans/options with your family.
  • Make an appointment with a Center for Global Education advisor.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss the course offerings of programs.
  • Identify the programs offering courses that will fulfill your academic requirements and cultural interests.
  • Apply to a study abroad program. Deadlines are October 1 for spring participation; February 1 for summer participation; March 1 for fall participation.
  • Apply for Financial Aid. Contact a Financial Aid counselor in the Office for Financial Aid to discuss the procedures for applying financial aid toward study abroad program costs. In general, you can apply your financial aid toward your study abroad. Learn about additional scholarship information.
  • Talk with your doctor about your health while abroad. Investigate whether any immunizations are advised or required. If your current health insurance policy/the MU health insurance policy is not sufficient for your overseas coverage, apply for international health insurance.
  • Review your student accounts. Have ALL holds removed by the department that placed them. You cannot be enrolled for study abroad until all holds have been removed.