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Program & Technology Requirements

Major Requirements
To fulfill the requirements of the major, all students in this program will take the following coursework in a sequence determined in collaboration with a faculty advisor. All students must also fulfill Liberal Arts Core and University requirements, and some of the following courses may also fulfill those requirements.
  • FA 103 Two-Dimensional Design
  • FA 105 Drawing I
  • FA 202 Introduction to Art History II
  • GD 101 Software Lab I: Photoshop
  • GD 102 Software Lab II: Illustrator
  • GD 103 Software Lab III: Motion Graphics
  • GD 104 Software Lab IV: WordPress
  • GD 105 Software Lab V: Video Editing
  • GD 200 Electronic Publishing
  • GD 202 Illustration I
  • GD 203 Photography: Digital Imaging
  • GD 255 Typography
  • GD 301 History of Graphic Design
  • GD 305 Graphic Design Studio I
  • GD 308 Web Design
  • GD 360 Graphic Design Studio II
  • GD 400Internship
  • 1 course from the following: GD 310 Electronic Media, GD 401 Graphic Design Studio III, GD 404 Performance Media Lab
  • GD 405 Portfolio
  • 9 credits in electives from the following: COM 101 Public Speaking, COM 300 Report Writing, COM 315 Writing for the Media, GD 205 Video Production I, GD 302 Illustration II, GD 304 Video Production II, GD 310 Electronic Media, GD 401 Graphic Design Studio III, GD 404 Performance Media Lab, GD 421 Project, GD 433 Research, MKT 301 Principles of Marketing, MKT 319 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
All majors have the option of completing coursework in an emphasis area as follows. Those who do not choose an emphasis will complete their studies with elective coursework.
Visual Communication emphasis
  • COM 100 Media Communication
  • COM 101 Public Speaking
  • COM 205 or GD 205 Video Production I
  • COM 209 Journalism I
  • COM 305 Journalism II
  • COM 315 Writing for the New Media
  • COM 316 Broadcast Journalism or COM 317 Editing and the Editorial Process
  • COM 404 Performance Media Lab
  • MKT 301 Principles of Marketing
  • MKT 319 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
Web Design emphasis
  • GD 404 Performance Media Lab
  • IT 125 Web Development
  • IT 225 Advanced Web Design
  • IT 310 Database Technology
  • 3 credits from the following: GD 205 Video Production I, GD 310 Electronic Media, GD 433 Research, IT 130 Java Programming, IT 210 Software Engineering, IT 225 Advanced Web Development, IT 230 Advanced Java Programming, IT 305 Computer Networking, IT 310 Database Technology, IT 315 Operating Systems, IT 345 Human Factors in Information Systems, IT 355 Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Technology Requirements

Each student entering the sophomore-level Graphic Design curriculum is required to have a personal computer, color printer, and the software supported by the Graphic Design program.

It is recommended that students have a personal computer upon entering the Graphic Design program.

Software Requirements
The latest version Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign or the latest Adobe Creative Suite edition that includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion are used for video production and motion graphics. Theses applications are available to students in select computer labs.

Apple computer offers student discounts on software: http://store.apple.com/us-hed.
Adobe offers student discounts on their software: http://www.adobe.com/creativecloud/buy/students.html
Additional educational resellers of software include:

Computer Requirement
Any of the Apple iMac desktop or the MacBook laptop computers with an additional 8GB of memory for a total of 16GB will meet the needs of the Graphic Design program.

An external hard drive for Time Machine backups of Apple computers is highly recommended.

Apple computer offers student discounts and payment plans on computers at the online Apple Student Store.

Marymount technical support site for Apple (Scroll to bottom of page for link)