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Freshman Writing Program

The freshman writing sequence introduces students to the research, writing, and oral communication skills necessary to succeed in college. Students can determine which of the following courses will best fit their needs by completing the online directed self-placement exercise.

EN 090 Introduction to College Reading. This developmental reading course emphasizes vocabulary building, improved comprehension, effective note taking and study skills, and critical reading. It is designed for students who need additional preparation in college reading.

EN 100 Introduction to College Writing. This two-credit course is designed for students who need to polish their writing skills and gain additional experience before undertaking EN 101 Composition I.

EN 101 Composition I and EN 102 Composition II provide students with an opportunity to develop critical reading, writing, and research skills through analysis of primary and secondary sources in American culture. Information about both courses is available on their websites: EN 101 and EN 102.

Students can also receive feedback on their writing from peer tutors in the Center for Teaching and Learning.