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Criminal Justice - Forensic Science (Undergraduate Certificate)

This certificate program is available for individuals seeking an introduction to the crucial role played by forensic science in providing scientific and foundational information for investigations and to the courts. There are many forensic science specialty areas (i.e. forensic entomology, forensic computer science, forensic psychology, forensic nursing), but courses required for this certificate will provide a foundation for understanding the importance of recognition, identification, individualization, and evaluation of physical evidence in legal proceedings through the application of the natural sciences.

Residency Requirement: Students must complete the following courses at Marymount University: CJ 209, CJ 308, CJ 309, BIO 151, and CHM 151.

Certificate Requirements

23 credits
  • BIO 151 General Biology I
  • CHM 151 Principles of Chemistry I
  • CJ 209 The Criminal Justice System
  • CJ 308 Principles of Forensic Science I
  • CJ 309 Principles of Forensic Science II: Advanced Criminalistics
  • LA 302 Criminal Litigation
  • PSY 250 Biological Bases of Behavior