Photo Of Virginia Bianco-Mathis
Professor of Human Resources
Ballston Center
(703) 284-5957
B.A., University of Connecticut
M.S., Johns Hopkins University
Ed.D., The George Washington University

Photo Of Paul William (Bill) Combs
Assistant Professor of Management
Ballston 304B
(703) 284-4981
B.A., The University of Tennessee
M.S., Ed.D., Virginia Tech

Photo Of Hai Huang
Assistant Professor of Finance
(703) 284-5922
B.S., University of Science and Technology of China
M.B.A., M.S., Georgia Institute of Technology
M.S., Brown University
Ph.D, Duke University

Photo Of Terry Long
Director, MBA Program; Professor of Economics
(703) 284-5918
B.S., Coe College
M.S., Iowa State University
Ph.D., Iowa State University
Other study: Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University
Photo Of Charles W. Miller
Associate Professor of Finance
(703) 284-5928
B.B.A., Kent State University;
M.B.A., The George Washington University
Doctoral Coursework, The George Washington University
Photo Of Hanora O’Sullivan
Professor of Management
(703) 284-5936
B.A., Marymount Manhattan College
M.A., The Ohio State University
M.B.A., The University of Baltimore
Ph.D., The University of Michigan
Photo Of Behnaz Z. Quigley
Professor of Accounting
(703) 284-5939
B.A., University of Tehran
M.B.A., University of the District of Columbia
Ph.D., University of Maryland
Photo Of Pramila Rao
Associate Professor of Human Resource Management
(703) 284-5726
B.A., Women’s Christian College
M.B.A., Grand Valley State University
Ph.D., The George Washington University
Photo Of Soumya Sivakumar
Director, Bachelor of Business Administration program; Assistant Professor of Marketing
(703) 284-4982
B.S., M.B.A., University of Bombay
Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

Photo Of Gerard Steube
Associate Professor of Information Technology and Management Science
(703) 284-5943
B.A., Divine Word College
M.S., Johns Hopkins University
M.A., Northcentral University
Ph.D., Capella University
Other study: University of Maryland; Certificate in Accounting, University of Baltimore

Photo Of Jane Uebelhoer
Associate Professor of Business Ethics
(703) 284-5933
B.A., Marquette University
M.A., Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia
Photo Of Theresia Atanga Wansi
Associate Professor of Finance
(703) 284-5979
B.Sc., M.B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of New Orleans
M.B.A.-PLUS, University of North Carolina