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Program Options & Requirements

All B.B.A. students select a specialty, which allows them to tailor their degree to fit their individual interests and goals. The B.B.A. specialty options are as follows:
  • The Accounting specialty focuses on the skills needed to communicate critical financial information to management, external users, and regulatory bodies, as well as to make appropriate decisions related to that information. Students can apply this knowledge in all areas of business, government, and nonprofit enterprises. Graduates with this specialty often move into fields such as public accounting focused on tax and auditing services, forensic accounting, and industry positions such as controller, internal auditor, and cost accountant. In addition, graduates will be prepared to pursue an advanced degree in business or law, as well as to complete professional certification examinations. See program requirements.

  • The Business Law specialty is designed to provide a general understanding of the laws that impact businesses and business relationships. Law courses are taught by licensed attorneys, who bring real-time expertise into the class setting. In addition, the Business Law specialty builds a basic foundation for students interested in pursuing an advanced legal degree. See program requirements.

  • The Finance specialty prepares students for specialized roles in the financial services industry. The program provides instruction in the theory and quantitative techniques used to analyze organizational performance, financing, and investment decisions. Graduates go on to work in many financial fields including investing, business, banking, and insurance. See program requirements.

  • The General Business specialty offers the greatest degree of flexibility and choice within the BBA major. Students work with an advisor to build an individualized specialty, selecting classes from multiple business disciplines. This freedom allows students to explore different interests and build a well-rounded understanding of the business world. This specialty is a particularly good foundation for future business owners, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit professionals. See program requirements.

  • The Hospitality Management specialty focuses on the business operations required to run hotels, restaurants, and other travel and tourism-related entities. Marymount offers one of the few undergraduate programs in the DC area that prepares students for the growing hospitality management industry. The DC area is home to several major hotel corporations, offering students opportunities for networking, internships, and future jobs. In addition to the required internship, students in this specialty are encouraged to gain practical experience through summer employment in the hospitality industry. See program requirements.

  • The International Business specialty is designed to equip you with entry-level skills needed to succeed in the diverse and complex environment of international business operations. Competition is increasingly global, and business organizations have become progressively more international in their financing, production, and marketing operations. Foreign competition is seriously challenging domestic firms, forcing U.S. managers to rethink traditional business practices. Students in this specialty are strongly encouraged to study abroad during their time at Marymount. Business internship opportunities are available in England, Belgium, and other countries. See program requirements.

  • The Management specialty emphasizes the areas of human resources, program management, and business operations. Students in this specialty are prepared for careers as diverse as the business world itself. Some managers choose to specialize in one of the functional areas of business, such as marketing, finance, human resources, and manufacturing. Other managers are staff specialists who prepare information for colleagues to act upon; others are line managers who implement decisions and supervise the actions that result from those decisions. See program requirements.

  • The Marketing specialty equips you with the expertise needed in advertising and sales, as well as in such diverse areas as consumer behavior, marketing research, international marketing, and marketing management. Marymount’s location also provides students with opportunities to build relationships with marketing firms in the metro DC area. Graduates are prepared for careers in industries such as advertising, marketing communication, brand management, and marketing research. See program requirements.

  • The Sport Management specialty focuses on marketing, law, economics, and promotions within a sports context. In addition, the required internship provides students with an opportunity to gain real-world experience with sports-related organizations and professional, semiprofessional, and collegiate teams in the DC area. Graduates with a Sport Management specialty are prepared for a variety of positions in the sports industry, including marketing specialist, consultant, agent, and more. See program requirements.