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Faculty Reserves

What you need to put items on Reserve
  • Submit online Reserve Request Form or filled out Reserve Request Form (PDF) for each course each semester (don't forget to sign it!)
  • Complete bibliographic citation for each item you are placing on reserve.
  • Personal items you wish to place on reserve including clean, clear photocopies of articles or chapters.
  • Disk with electronic copy of reserve material.
When and where to bring in Reserve requests
  • Any time the Library or Extensions are open, you can bring them to the Reinsch Library Circulation Desk or the Ballston Center Library Extension
  • Allow 3 working days.
  • Note: Processing may take longer at the beginning of the semester.
What can be put on Reserve
  • Marymount library books. If we do not own it, we will place a Rush order for it, but it may take 15-30 days
  • Personal books or photocopies supplied by you (We will put a small adhesive label on each item. We make every effort to safeguard your personal items, but the library cannot pay for replacing lost or damaged items.)
  • Homework solutions; practice or sample tests or exams; compact discs
  • Media items such as videotapes, slides, and recordings
  • Files in GIF, JPEG, HTML and PDF can be placed on your Blackboard site
  • Word-processed or plain text formatted documents can be placed on your Blackboard site
  • There is no limit on the number of items that can be placed on Reserve
    Faculty members are responsible for making sure you are in compliance with the Copyright Law of the United States for any photocopies you place on reserve.  In general that means the copy should:
  • Be a brief portion of an entire work. e.g. an article from a journal, one chapter from a book, one short story from a collection
  • Be used only one semester if you have not obtained permission from the copyright holder
  • Be used for more than one semester ONLY if the faculty member has obtained and provided permission to do so from the copyright holder
  • Be used for educational purposes only
  • Not be of a consumable like an exercise book or workbook
  • Comply with off-air recording guidelines for audio/visual materials
  • To be in copyright compliance, library staff is unable to provide photocopy assistance for reserve material.
Removing Items on Reserve
    At the end of the semester, your personal items will be returned to you, and Marymount items will be re-shelved.
If you have any questions, please contact Vicky Adams.