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Unattended Children In Library and Extension Policy

Marymount University’s Reinsch Library and the Ballston Center Library Extension serve the academic needs of MU students, faculty and staff; as such, they are not designed for children. Parents or guardians often view libraries as safe havens, but even on a university campus they are not necessarily safe places for children. Marymount University Reinsch Library and Ballston Center Library Extension are open to the public and as with any other public place; unattended children and their property in libraries may be subject to serious harm.
Library staff cannot and will not watch over (monitor) unattended children. This page describes the Marymount library policy regarding children visitors.
Children under 14 years of age
  • Children under 14 years of age must be in the company of a parent or responsible adult at all times.
  • The computers are unfiltered; the accompanying adult, not the library, is responsible for the child's viewing and should monitor computer use accordingly. Accompanying adults are expected to ensure that children follow the MU Computer Use policy. The policy indicates that users should not install software, download large files, or play video games while using Marymount University’s internet connection.
  • The child must exhibit appropriate library behavior (for example, observing the Quiet areas of the library, no running, fighting, loud play, etc.). Excessive noise of any kind (loud conversations, crying babies, noisy toddlers, etc.) is not acceptable and may result in the adult and child being asked to leave the Library.
  • Library computers are for priority use by MU students, faculty, and staff. If a child is using a computer, the child must relinquish it immediately if needed by a MU student, faculty or staff.
  • If an unaccompanied child is in the library, library staff will attempt to contact the adult who is responsible for the child and ask that the child be removed. If the adult cannot be located, staff will contact Campus Safety. If a child accompanied by a guardian is not following this policy and library rules, the adult will be asked to remove the child from the library.
  • Exceptions to this policy may be made for children under age 14 on an individual basis. The parent or guardian must make an appointment to discuss the child's needs with the Dean of Library & Learning Services before the child will be admitted without an adult.
Young adults age 14 and over
Unattended young adults over the age of 14 may use the library facilities for school-related research. Students at Bishop Ireton and Bishop O’Connell High Schools may apply for a Catholic High School borrower’s card using their student ID. Please see this policy.
  • The young adult must present legal or school I.D. and sign the guest book when entering the building.
  • Young adults must follow all library rules as well as the rules outlined in this policy. No cell phone use is allowed (except in designated areas). Excessive noise of any kind is not allowed.
  • If all library policies are not observed, the young adults may be asked to leave the library. If any patron causing a disturbance fails to leave, Campus Safety will be called.
Marymount University Library & Learning Services thanks The Catholic University of America John K. Mullen of Denver Memorial Library for allowing the use of its Unattended Children in Libraries Policies as a basis for this policy.
Final August 2010