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1. Funding Source Identification

  • The Grants Service Office (GSO) website provides links to public and private funding agencies and to the Foundation Center's online directory.
  • The GSO reviews a variety of sources for information on grant and fellowship activities and forwards these opportunities to faculty members.
  • The GSO helps to identify appropriate public and private funding sources to match faculty-initiated projects.

2. Project Design

  • The GSO provides consultation and assistance throughout the project design and proposal preparation phases.
  • The GSO coordinates and consults on the design of campuswide, multidisciplinary, and/or inter-institutional projects.

3. Budget Preparation

  • The GSO assists in developing the budget and budget justification, in completing all required federal budget forms, budget narratives, and assurances.
  • The GSO provides current information on University policies on Facilities &
  • Administrative (F&A) or indirect costs, fringe benefit rates, cost sharing, etc.

4. Proposal Assembly

  • GSO provides assistance in securing the necessary approvals, including official signatures required on the Marymount University Proposal Approval form.
  • GSO is responsible for assuring that all proposed projects, prior to submission, are in compliance with all federal regulations involving human subjects, animal protection, scientific misconduct, conflict of interest, etc..

5. Electronic Submission

  • The GSO provides training and assistance with online submission of proposals.
  • Forms to facilitate registration for electronic grant services are available on the Proposal Development page.

6. Agency Foundation Contact and Follow-up

  • The GSO is the liaison between the Principal Investigator/University and the funding agency to explore funding opportunities, to follow-up on submitted proposals, and to contact appropriate program officers.

7. Sub-contracts and Sub-grants

  • The GSO drafts and negotiates sub-contracts and sub-grants and ensures that they comply with University requirements and all appropriate sponsor flow-down clauses.
  • The GSO monitors the sub-agreements and makes modifications where indicated within the framework of the prime agreement and the University's policies.

8. Grant Award Administration

  • The GSO provides grant management assistance throughout the life of the project serving as liaison with all stakeholders on issues including obtaining performance period extensions, requesting supplemental funding, interpreting sponsor guidelines and regulations, modifying work statements, etc..
  • The GSO maintains the institutional file.