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Funding Opportunities

The Grant Services Office (GSO) will assist the Principal Investigator (PI) with identifying appropriate potential sponsors, including federal, state, and private funding agencies. Deadlines and funding cycles vary significantly depending on the sponsor. Faculty members are encouraged to meet with the GSO as early as possible to begin identifying potential funding sources.

The GSO presents workshops on identifying sponsors and using electronic resources to research funding opportunities. Individual faculty members and/or representatives of Schools and departments interested in participating in these workshops should contact the GSO.

Federal Agencies
Federal agencies require that grant applications be submitted electronically. GSO will take care of this transaction, but faculty interested in applying for federal grants should contact GSO to be registered and receive security information.

Virginia Agencies

Searchable Databases
Grants.gov is the single access point for thousands of grant programs offered by 26 federal grant-making agencies and departments. Navigation of Grants.gov is simple. Go to the website and use the colored tabs and links at the top of the screen to access primary sections of the site and links on the left side of the screen to access content within each section.
Faculty members interested in applying for federal grant support should contact the Grant Services Office (GSO) for assistance in registering and receiving security information.
Foundation Search maintains a comprehensive database of private and corporate funding sources. The University has a subscription to this online directory. Please contact GSO for the password to access this very user-friendly system

Other Resources