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The First-Year Experience

Marymount's DISCOVER Center coordinates a 3-credit First-Year Experience course (DSC 101) for freshmen in their first semester of college. Each section of DSC 101 has a theme selected by the faculty member teaching the course.

DSC 101 introduces new first-year students to Marymount University and to learning in higher education. Through the course theme, this course lays the foundation for inquiry learning, which helps students become active participants in their own learning. Inquiry learning involves being able to formulate questions, develop research strategies, and reach a conclusion. Through participation in a variety of activities with the support of a peer mentor, course instructor, and classmates, students should improve their understanding of the intellectual, emotional, and social challenges of University life and apply this knowledge to themselves.
DSC 101 Themes for Fall 2012
Section A Ambassadors in Training: Encountering the Middle East and North Africa Around Washington, DC
Sylvia Whitman
Section B Expressing Creativity in Art and Language
Ana Lado
Section C We Are What We Eat: The Sociology of Food
Stephanie Ellis and Liane Summerfield
Section D Using Films to Understand Ourselves and Others
Kate McCauley
Section E Going Green
Nancy Furlow and Srinivasan Raghavan
Section F Going Green
Nancy Furlow and Srinivasan Raghavan
Section G Hobbits, Heroes and Hunger Games: Investigating the Hidden Order of Societies Real and Imagined
Brian Hollar
Section H Great Sports Rivalries
Robert Otten
Section I DC Museums: Every Picture Tells a Story
Carroll Hauptle
Section J Using Films to Understand Ourselves and Others
Kate McCauley
Section K Culture Vultures: Passport to DC
Usha Rajdev
Section M Global Issues and Volunteerism
Fatma Youssef
Section N Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar
Michael Nordvall
Section O Be the Change...
Anne Aichele
Section P How Is My Stock Market Investment Doing?
Theresia Wansi
Section Q To Be Announced
To Be Announced
Section R To Be Announced
To Be Announced
Section S Who Are You? Finding You in the College Experience
Pamela Moreno
Section T Digital Storytelling
Barry Erdeljon
Section U Moral Panic: Are You a Zombie or Vampire?
Louis Frisenda
Whatever the course theme, all sections of DSC 101 have these common objectives:
  • Academic Objectives
    • Select a current basic problem or issue for inquiry
    • Develop a plan and a goal for the inquiry
    • Gather and analyze information needed
    • Demonstrate oral communication skills in presenting inquiry results
    • Communicate accurately, clearly, and coherently through a written summary of a primary or secondary source
  • Personal Objectives
    • Demonstrate personal development in adjusting to college life
    • Display growth in academic and personal responsibility
    • Identify University resources supporting academic and personal needs
    • Experience community engagement outside the classroom with faculty and peers