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Staff and Contact Information

Center for Teaching and Learning
Rowley Hall, Room G105
(703) 284-1538
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm
Dr. Carolyn Oxenford, Executive Director
Dr. Pam Moreno, Associate Dean, First-Year Experience
Dr. Jason Craig, Director, Teaching and Student Engagement
Ms. Sue Conrad, Director, Instructional Design and Technology
Ms. Anne Aichele, Director, Student Access Services
Ms. Jameela Anderson, Assistant Director, Academic Support and Student Success
Ms. Carolyn Juba, Assistant Director, Academic Advising and Retention
Ms. Megan Bergandy, Learning Specialist
Ms. Sylvia Whitman, Writing Specialist
Mr. Robert Miller, Learning Associate
Mr. Ted Alvis, Media Specialist
Ms. Cindy Mitchell, Administrative Assistant
Ms. Candaza Colden, Administrative Secretary