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Individual Consultation

The individual consultation process includes several steps. First, we would meet with you to discuss the issue and develop a specific objective for the consultation. As a result of the consultation, several options are available to assist you.

If this is a new course, the focus may be on developing course objectives, assignments, rubrics, etc. For existing courses, a review of existing course materials (syllabus, assignments, and any other course materials) will help to identify whether your goals are clear and achievable using your current instructional methods.

If this is a course you are currently teaching, one or more classroom observations usually are scheduled; these observations focus on the specific goal(s) you have chosen to examine.

You may also elect to have a class videotaped and viewing the video either on your own or with a consultant.

The Center can also schedule a student feedback process known as a Small Group Instructional Diagnostic (SGID) to gain student input on the effectiveness of your course. Once these activities are complete, a follow-up meeting will be held to process the information gathered and develop a plan of action.

The Center is available for follow-up consultations as well to determine the effectiveness of the intervention and recommend modifications or extensions. At all times, the faculty member decides which tools and processes they prefer to use in this process; none are required. All materials, observations, and recommendations are confidential. Any videotapes or results of student evaluations are the property of the faculty member and are retained by that faculty member.